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Product and Availability

What products are available?

Diemen’s Original, Stinger and Inferno Hot Sauces are now available in 150ml bottles.


Where can I buy Diemen’s Hot Sauces?

The products can be purchased online from this Diemen’s website.  They can also be purchased from other online distributers and our extensive range of retailers that can be viewed in Stockists.


Do Diemen’s only offer Original and Stinger?

No!  In addition to our Original and Stinger sauces, Diemen’s have re-introduced ‘Inferno’  and hope to further expand the range of product offered during 2022.


When is ‘Inferno’  available?

The ‘Inferno’ sauce was introduced in November 2021.


Can I buy single bottles from the Diemen’s website?

This website only offers Packs of 2 and 4 bottles, or 12 bottle Cartons. However, Inferno is now available for the first time as a single bottle, or as a pack of 3.

Diemen’s will consider this option for other products based on customer demand and feedback.  Diemen's attractive packs make very suitable gifts.


What makes Diemen’s Hot Sauces taste so great?

The native-to-Australia Diemen Pepper Berry gives our products a distinctive fruity flavour and a ‘wild, natural and spicy’ taste.


What are the main ingredients of Diemen’s Hot Sauces?

Click at left to view the main ingredients of Diemen’s Hot Sauces.



How much do Diemen’s Hot Sauces cost?

The recommended retail prices are:
Original – $9.99 per bottle / $99.99 per carton (12 bottles)
Stinger – $11.99 per bottle / $123.99 per carton (12 bottles)
Inferno - $23.99 per bottle / $ 239.90 per carton (12 bottles)
Excluding shipping cost and GST 



Online Ordering

Do I need to open an account before ordering?

No!  It is not necessary to open an account before ordering. However, if you chose to open an account by providing name, payment and delivery address, this will simplify future orders. Any personal information retained by Diemen’s will not be shared with any third party.


Can I order a mixture of Original and Stinger in the 2-Packs and 4-Packs?

Yes! The Diemen's packs are available in all possible combinations of Original, Stinger and Inferno bottles.  Cost of pack will be determined by choice selected. However, it is not possible to mix and match in individual cartons.


Can I order a mixture of Original and Stinger in a single Carton?

No.  Cartons are only available either with 12 bottles of Original or 12 bottles of Stinger. It is not possible to mix Original and Stinger in a single carton. Much better to buy one carton of each!


How is the price calculated for my order?

The order price is calculated based on the RRP of the individual bottles in the pack plus the packaging and shipping cost.


How much is charged for delivery of 2-Packs and 4-Packs?

Diemen’s offer a national flat rate of $12.50 (plus GST) throughout Australia. Total order cost will be calculated and advised during checkout before any payment is taken.


How do I pay for my order?

Payments can be made though PayPal. Just follow the payment instructions. I



Wholesale Enquiries

How can I become a Diemen’s Retailer?

This is very straightforward and only requires a simple business registration. A new vendor application form can be found on this Diemen’s website and completed online.

Once a business account has been established, retailers can then place new orders online using this website.


What are the product costs for a Retailer?

Diemen’s uses volume-based pricing for retailers based on the order size. The pricing can be obtained on request, but will be available on the website for registered retailers


What are the payment terms for a Retailer?

For a new retailer, payment is required with order for the first purchase. Thereafter Diemen’s normal payment terms and conditions will apply, i.e. 14 days.


How can I become a Diemen’s Distributor?

We are always looking for new Distributors.  Please contact  The pricing can be obtained on request.



it's the Diemen pepper berry that makes the diemen's difference!



100% natural ingredients, all locally sourced in Australia

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Plant-based hot sauce, suitable for Vegan diets

Full Of Goodness

Full Of Goodness

The Diemen pepper is known for its medicinal properties

 Diemens Hot Sauce
 Diemens Box Hot Sauce

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